Ray MenezesBlood Washing Blood
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Blood Washing Blood refers to the idea that a problem cannot be solved by the thing that created the problem. All attempts to improve or change ourselves through the use of thought is what is meant by the phrase blood washing blood. It is as futile as trying to wash a blood stained garment in blood and expecting to clean it.

If we try to change or improve ourselves in this way we are already in conflict with ourselves. Attempting to change is like saying I dont like who I am so I will try to be someone else. Why is it so difficult to be who we are?

It is not that we cannot change, only that real change occurs when we know who we are in the first place. This knowing is not about descriptions of who we are, it is about experiencing ourselves from the inside out rather than from the outside in.

The inside out refers to the possibility of experiencing ourselves prior to thought and knowledge. That is not to say that it is necessary to exclude thought and knowledge, only that thought and knowledge do not in this instance help us to know who we are. The inside out refers to experiencing the body only in term of actual physical sensations that occur in each moment.

The physical sensations of the body are the interface where we truthfully meet and inter-act with the Universe.