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"The stillness of the mind is the absence of the experiencer, or the observer who is aware that he is still. When the mind is still. there is the awakened state.

"You can intermittently awake to many things, you can probe, seek, inquire, but these are the activities of desire, of will, of recognition and gain. That which is ever awake is neither desire, nor the product of desire. Desire breeds the conflict of duality, and conflict is darkness", J.Krishnamurti.

My aim for this group is to create a safe and sacred space where we can explore the mystery that is ourselves. Meditation provides a simple, powerful, and direct pathway into that mystery. The evening will consist of two twenty minute periods of sitting (zazen) meditation divided by a ten minute period of walking (kinhin) meditation. The last half hour will involve the group coming together to discuss any experiences - insights - or difficulties that may arise, and to fine tune the meditation process.

Everyone is welcome. My own particular orientation is toward zazen meditation, but the group will not follow any particular religious path.

If you practice another form of meditation you are welcome to continue with that. If requested I will be happy to teach the zazen form of meditation.

The group meets in room 12 at CCPE ( The Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education) Beauchamp Lodge, 2 Warwick Crescent, Maida Vale, London W.2

For more information please contact me, Ray Menezes, by phone or email using the information from the contact details page. The cost of each evening will be 5 ( concessions available to the unwaged)