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CCPE, 2 Beauchamp Lodge, Warwick Crescent, W2

I am trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and I am UKPC registered. My style of therapy is drawn from my psychotherapy training as well as my many years experience of meditation both as a practitioner and as a teacher. For more information on my style of therapy check out my book Blood Washing Blood.

I now run a practice from Maida Vale in London and in St.Albans in Hertfordshire. I work with individuals and with groups. There are two groups running at the moment, a psychotherapy group and a meditation group.

The psychotherapy group meets every Friday at 6pm and the meditation group meets immediatly after this group at 7.30. There are no places available at the moment for the psychotherapy group. There is however a waiting list, contact me if you would like your name entered on this list. When a place becomes available I will contact you to arrange an interview to determine your suitability for this group as well as to determine if the group is suitable for you.

I believe that the practice of meditation is very beneficial, yet most people find it very difficult to meditate. This is partly because of underlying issues that have not been dealt with or processed, which means that our mind is overly preoccupied and therefore unable to approach the stillness required for the practice of meditation. Psychotherapy can help process these underlying issues through the use of bodywork ( working with the physical sensations of the body) as well as working with the slightly erroneous beliefs we all hold about the nature of ourselves, the world, and others.

The meditation group is open to all. Just contact me to let me know you are coming. The charge for the psychotherapy group is 65 per month in advance. The charge for the meditation group is 5 or less for the unwaged. For individual psychotherapy or supervision please contact me, Ray Menezes, by phone or email using the information from the contact details page.